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Professional Admission Help Special - BeMo Academic Consulting

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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BeMo Services for Grad School Applicants

The BeMo Process

Top Features of BeMo




Today is the inauguration of a new series of blog posts. As it was already mentioned in previous articles, getting into grad school can be a very competitive process. This is particularly true if you wish to apply to selective schools, such as MIT, Stanford or Ivy League institutions (for what concerns the US). Maybe you don't have perfect standardized test scores or you didn’t participate in big extracurricular activities, and for these reasons you already feel anxious about your application journey. If this is you, right here you can find a new perspective you may not have thought about yet to approach these concerns. Indeed, nowadays there are many active consultants that can help you present your profile in a brilliant and convincing way to boost your admission chances. In this Professional Admission Help Special I will focus on many of these consultants, showing you their main features and program offers. Keep reading to discover the first of them, BeMo Academic Consulting!

BeMo Services for Grad School Applicants

Before digging deeper into the ways and procedures through which BeMo operates, here you can find an introduction to some of their programs:

  • Graduate - this is usually offered to students applying to Master’s and PhDs in a variety of fields, from Economics, to Anthropology or Mathematics.

  • MBA - if you wish to continue your graduate education with a Master of Business Administration, BeMo can provide you with the most up-to-date help from experts that studied the same subject.

Parallel to this offer, BeMo has also specialized in some fields - the ones that often causes students to struggle the most - to help them succeed with their application. These include Law, Med School, Nursing, Dentistry and many more.

The BeMo Process

Although the help that BeMo provides is highly tailored to the student’s needs and wishes, there are also some overall guidelines and steps that are followed when working with applicants:

  1. Strategy call - This is the very first way of reaching out to BeMo. After scheduling the call, an expert will contact you to have a chat and introduce you to the programs that may work best for you. This is a completely free service with zero risks and hidden costs: consider it as a friendly conversation and get ready to ask questions and explain concerns you may have.

  2. Strategy session - After starting your program, it’s time to start with a strategy session. This is a stage where you and a consultant will brainstorm ideas and then structure your CV, personal statement, and many other application documents.

  3. Review phase - Following the guidelines of your consultant, you will be able to craft your documents, but the process doesn’t end here. Indeed, after your drafts are ready, BeMo will review them and suggest any improvement.

  4. Mock interviews - One of the most nerve-wracking phases of the admissions process is the interview. BeMo can offer you mock interviews that simulate real interview scenarios, where you can practice the responses, build confidence, and receive constructive feedback.

Top Features of BeMo

  • Excellent testimonials

BeMo's track record doesn’t need further explanations, as it features numerous success stories. Many students have been admitted to top level schools, medical programs, and other competitive institutions, thanks to BeMo's guidance.

  • Countless amount of free resources

Parallel to offering paid services, BeMo provides many free resources to reach and support a wider number of students. These can include videos, examples of personal statements and articles on Ivy League schools.

  • Unlimited help

An outstanding feature that BeMO programs have is that they often offer students unlimited services. For example, this means that BeMo can review your documents until they are fully ready, so that they will leave an impressive impact on the admission committee.


In this article, we began by stressing how the path to academic success is paved with challenges. However we also saw that, with the right support and guidance, this journey can become an enjoyable opportunity of growth, where you will learn more about yourself, your skills and your passions. Collaborating with BeMo Academic Consulting can make this possible. Their expertise, insight, and personalized attention can really transform your application into a real bridge towards graduate school.

With this being said, I hope you found this article useful and, as always, I wish you the best luck with your graduate journey!!

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