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Here are some info about me and my projects for the future.

My name is Ludovica, Get into Grad.grad school application, what is graduate school, phd journey, grad school cv,  grad school application help

Hello! My name is Ludovica and I come from the beautiful Italy.

Last year I graduated from high school and I decided that I wanted to continue studying abroad. I moved to the Netherlands, where I am currently enrolled in my bachelor in Global Responsibility & Leadership. I am aware that living alone in another country is challenging, and I have experienced some struggles myself. However, I must say the overall benefits I am gaining - an open mind and a lot of independence - are extraordinary.

For these reasons, I am motivated to continue studying abroad when I will graduate and I am currently working to my application for a PhD program in the US. Although I know this process is very competitive, my dream destinations are Harvard, MIT and Yale. I will do my best to transform this vision into a reality.

Having said this, Get into Grad is the result of my desire to help other students in their graduate journey, as well being a resource that I can also use to organize information for my own application process.

Harvard University
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