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All You Need to Know on Moving In as a Grad School Student

Updated: Feb 6

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Table of Contents:

Take-home Messages


Preliminary Moves

The Essential Items at Your Doorstep with UniKitOut

Personalize Your Space



Take-home Messages

  • Plan and research well ahead of time when moving in as a graduate student is crucial. Make sure to check housing options, create a budget that fits your lifestyle, and determine the best way to move your items.

  • Using a checklist of essential items that need to be taken care of before the move can be life saving. Some examples checklists are provided below.

  • When preparing to move, Dormify can make your transition easier and give you the possibility to completely focus on the delicate initial phases of your graduate program. In this article you can find more information on their furniture and room packages.


The thought of beginning graduate school is exciting and you probably can’t wait to join the academic community, meet your fellow graduate students in your new campus, and live your grad program at full. However, before all these thrilling experiences, you need to take care of one last step. Moving to a new town and house can be challenging. Whether you are studying in the US, Europe or somewhere else, there are many arrangements you will need to organize to make a smooth transition. In this guide, we'll explore what you need to know when moving in as a grad school student, with a special attention to the services (and discount codes) offered by Dormify.

Preliminary Moves

  • Research Your New Living Space

Familiarizing yourself in advance with your new living environment can save you time as well as help you avoid unexpected surprises after you move in. If you're going to live in a campus housing, find out about the facilities, rules, and regulations. On the other hand, if you have chosen an off-campus accommodation, understand the neighborhood community, and what are the services, public transportation options, and amenities available. Plus, researching your living space also means finding some initial information on the bills, utilities costs and any other additional expenses you will have to pay.

  • Pack Strategically

As your move-in date is approaching, packing wisely is paramount as space in dorm rooms or apartments can be limited. Some tips I have used in the past are to focus on essential items first and then consider supplementary furniture you would like to have. Also, creating a checklist with all these items is important to stay organized and efficient. If you have several boxes, I advise you to label them clearly. A strategy can be to place a number on each box, and to write on a separate sheet what the box with that number contains. Once you have packed everything, it is time to jump in your car (or to rent a van) and start driving towards your new campus.

  • Some checklists for you

As you’re preparing to move into your new home and begin your dream graduate program, there are a few checklists that can help you stay organized and make sure you don’t forget anything important. I have included here the main supplies you will need for your bathroom, kitchen and bedrom. Feel free to copy them, and add or remove items:

Bathroom Checklist Bath mat Bat shelf or small table Shower caddy Shower curtain Hand soap Tissues Toilet brush

Toilet paper Toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) Toothbrush Towels (different sizes) Trash can Kitchen Checklist Baking trays Blender Bottle and wine openers Cutting board Dish drying rack Dish soap Dishwasher soap Kitchen supplies (aluminium foil, wax paper, paper towels, etc.) Knife set Measuring cups and spoons Microwave Mixing bowls Oven mitts Paper towel holder Plates Pots and pans Silverware and silverware organizer Sponges/cleaning cloths Bowls Can opener Coffee maker Colander Cooking utensils: whisk, spatulas, mixing spoons Cups, glasses, and mugs Trash can Bedroom Checklist Bookshelf Cable box and/or streaming device Coffee table Couch and/or chairs Lamp Pillows and throw blankets Storage boxes or bins Study desk TV TV stand Closet

  • Coordinate with Roommates

Lastly, you should start from the beginning to develop an open communication with your roommates or housemates (if you have some). This can be important while you plan your transition into the new accommodation. Indeed, you could coordinate with them in advance and discuss who will bring shared items like a microwave or TV to avoid duplication. After all, having three microwaves in the same house is not ideal!

How Dormify can make moving-in easier

Considering the logistic and organizational challenges in transitioning to a new home, I want to share a company that can make this process easier. Dormify is a service that can greatly simplify the moving-in process both for undergrad as well as for grad students. More specifically, they provide a wide range of furniture and household items, as well as storage solutions to help maximize space in small rooms or apartments, which will be delivered all across the US. Additionally, they provide helpful tips on their blog, to show you how to organize and decorate your new place, so you can make it feeling like home since the beginning.

Here are some more details on Dormify offers:

  • Dorm essentials:

If you need to start from the basic items to furnish your room, don't look further than here. Dormify provides a wide range of products that you can choose from: storage solutions, bedding items, bathroom and closet must-haves, all the necessary for your desk and study area, and much more.

  • Shop rooms:

Are you running short of ideas for decorating your room? Dormify can help you in this case as well. Indeed, they offer a variety of top-notch room packages that you can choose from, either by buying all the items together or by choosing only some of them from the package.

  • Bed visualizer tool:

Everyone would like to know exactly if the furniture they have chosen will fit their new room. With Dormify's bed visualizer tool this becomes possible. More specifically, you will be able to mix and match different options for your bed space, from choosing the perfect headboard to finding the right pillows.

Are you curious to try some of Dormify's products? Here is a little gift for you: Extra 30% Off Sale Items with code EXTRA30 at

Personalize Your Space

Last but not least, do take ample time to customize your living space. On a personal level, I am not super creative, but I can tell that there have been little things that I bought or crafted that have helped me to make my room more homey. This can be buying a candle that you like, or creating a poster with a nice quote you want to remember, or sticking your pictures on your wall. In summary, everything that helps you to bring a bit of your personal life in the new accommodation and shorten your adjustment time is welcomed!


Moving into graduate school accommodations requires careful planning, but with the right approach, it can be a smooth and exciting experience. In this article, we have reviewed the main phases of this process, together with presenting the services offered by Dormify, which can help you while moving in. Lastly, remember that there can be (hopefully little) things that you will not like in your accommodation and that this is normal. Becoming comfortable in a new environment, weather it is campus housing or another type of accommodation, requires time. Do not rush the process, let yourself be gradually surrounded by the new life chapter that you have begun, and in a couple of months you will feel at home. Good luck on your graduate degree adventure!

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